Thursday, June 24, 2010

In My Life....

-----I hurt my wrist pretty bad but don't know how. There is a bruise about an inch long and it even hurts to type at times.....hopefully, this will be gone by Cornerstone Festival (I will be on the blogging team). Hopefully, I don't have to go to the doctor about this wrist issue.
-----I have to find some kind of present to send to a new nephew. I usually do piggy banks that I and others can contribute miscellaneous change to but I do not see this sibling that much. Maybe I can start a piggy bank and then give it as a Christmas gift? :-)
-----Cornerstone Festival is so close. Today (when I wake up), will be my Packing-and-Making-a-List-of-Things-Not-to-Forget-Day. :-)
-----Thank God our car is still just stopped working last week. Apparently, it was the alternator. I have health issues that would really prohibit me from waiting for a bus on humid days.
-----Keeping one sibling in my thoughts and prayers....not something I can mention online....though I wish I could. Keeping my work situation in my thoughts and prayers....not something I can mention online though I wish I could.
-----Keeping my Mother, who has Stage 4 Breast Cancer in my thoughts and prayers....nothing new on this front....the cancer is not growing but is THERE....and there is nothing more other than shots right now.
-----Thankful that Doggie seems to be getting more trained. :-) Of course, she cannot come to Cornerstone with us. She will get more kenneling practice while we are gone. Doggie has never been away from us for this I am sure they will notice that where she is staying....she has a tendency to want to go out just to look for the car and sniff for her people. Doggie's predecessor at least once thought that she could take you on a walk to her home when being babysat. :-) We will be homesick for the Doggie, too.
-----We had bratwurst and some potato salad for dinner last night....yummy. I really liked the potato salad and want to try it with baconbits (and maybe some cooked frozen peas and little bits of onion). I will have to look up the brand before I throw out the container.
-----Getting excite about trying this simple recipe that I found....Tuna Potato Chip Casserole. For some reason, I just think it will turn out well.
-----A friend has the most intelligent child as far as reading before entering school that I have ever seen. I am impressed. I learned to read before entering school.....what about you?


Suzy said...

i could read and write a little before i went into school same with my son. I think it has a lot to do with reading lots of books to your baby :)
Hope your wrist gets better soon xxx


It seems to be better now. I either don't have a contusion or need to monitor my hand for re-injury from a contusion. This has happened to me before....but this was among the worst. I couldn't even lift up the blankets without it hurting. Since I didn't have any kind of trauma, I must have twisted it wrong. Putting ice on it and elevating it was very helpful last night. I actually went to sleep with my hand elevated.

Hevel said...

I could read before my formal schooling began, but my sons beat me: at age 5 (a year before they entered school) they read in three languages. They seriously scare me with their brains.

daega99 said...

I was able to read and write before attending school. My nieces were the same but they actually let my oldest niece skip a grade when they tested her... I thought that was pretty cool!



I think that my friend's child has been reading since about age 3. I was reading before kindergarten,too. Oddly, I had problems with "Phonics" and other things that the school insisted on though.

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