Thursday, June 17, 2010

In My Life....

-----There are two new Hell's Kitchen episodes up on Hulu. Awesome.
-----Please keep a new friend of ours in your thoughts and prayers....finances.
-----There were a few moments I found insulting from co-workers today. I don't understand random hostility or treating someone like an idiot for no reason. Beyond three actions, it was a tolerable day. I hope that some other opportunity comes up for me eventually.
-----I am very shocked by the allegations of cheating against Al Gore. I have always seen Al Gore as very Christian. After his vice-presidency, I really admired Gore's commitment to speak out for the cause he believed in. I hope that the cheating allegations are not true. I used to think Edwards was all that he represented himself to be, too. I feel sorry for wives that have this happen to them. :-(

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