Monday, June 14, 2010

In My Life....

-----Went to a worship service at Wake the Dead today. There was a lot of variety in the service and it gave me some things to think about.
-----Cornerstone Festival is drawing closer. I hope that I have my blogging plans completely in order before we go. I love to live-blog and live-tweet....but, of course, it takes a lot of planning as far as equipment and a list of what you are planning to cover. I get to be part of the blogging team, so I am excited to see what new people that will bring me to converse with in the blogosphere (and in real life).
-----Got Grandmother-in-Law a soap dish that she will like a book/antique store in Decatur called "The Book Barn."
-----I have never been to El Rodeo (Mexican restaurant chain). I like my enchiladas a little different but not bad and the prices were reasonable. I liked that there was a lot of seating and they were well-organized in serving.
-----Spotted a Chinese buffet in Decatur that I would love to try.....prices much cheaper than my current hometown. I will have to look up the name....which I, of course promptly wrote down.
-----Saw a great concert the other night at River City Music Experience.....August Zymbal, Firesale, The Heat Machine and The Agrestix.
-----Hoping that I can go to or read about some of the Intensify Illinois events this week.
-----I have been thinking about how I can help those in prisons (spiritually and with their future).....but I have been holding back on doing this as I think something bad would surely happen if I put myself in harm's way. Oddly enough, after one of the sermon's tonight where Rob Radosti asked if anyone was being called to prison ministry and he felt that someone was, I finally had an idea of a safe way that I could possibly help. I am glad that I went because I think it would have taken a lot longer for me to know this. I have felt like this is an area that was lacking in my life for a area where the Bible says you are supposed to be helpful and I have felt a constant pang that I am not. I hope the couple of ideas I am starting to get work. I also thought of the fact that many of us are in prison in some other way.

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