Sunday, June 13, 2010

In My Life....

-----Husband is making my brother a Iron Man arc reactor replica....the tiny one that kept Tony alive in the first movie. Brother has said that he will pay for the supplies. Fun.
-----A friend is going to Decatur and we are going along. His band might perform at First Church of the Living Dead...if it is a good fit. I look forward to seeing our friends Tiavi and Leesa who operate the Church.
-----I get to be on the blogging team for Cornerstone Festival!
-----My mother is not going to have a surgery. The surgery would possibly spread the cancer....there is still at least some. She is taking shots so it will not grow....and those shots are working right now. They are not ruling out more chemo, if the cancer starts growing again....but only if she is strong enough (has to do exercises). She has survived a year-and-a-half with Stage 4 Breast Cancer!!! The diabetes is under control and her heart is doing pretty well. Please keep my Mother in your thoughts and prayers.
-----Due to discovering that I had left my deodorant at home and not put it on yet, I had the fortune to switch deodorants. I say this because I wore my favorite black dress shirt....deodorant often leave marks on the material if sweating. Degree Shower Clean is an extra sensitive deodorant/ works more when you start to sweat. Not only was there less sweat during my workday but there were no marks on the black fabric from the sweat. I had to use less deodorant, too. I would recommend trying this to any of the women out there who wear a lot of black. (I suppose the PC thing to say would be that as a woman who wears a lot of black and long sleeves even in the summer, I have to take steps not to "perspire.")


Annie said...

Interesting deoderant report, but, I'm still trying to understand why anyone would wear black and long sleeves in the summer.


Black....just the way I dress sometimes. I have lighter materials that are long-sleeved but my work does not always have air conditioning on...not kidding. Black t-shirts do not show when you are too hot....and you often are if your work is saving money by turning off the air. When I dress nicer for work, I usually wear long sleeves....all my long sleeves look more professional. If I get a different job (hard to find one here), I will likely buy a few new clothes. Most light colors are REALLY unflattering to me. I guess my answer is multi-faceted.

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