Thursday, June 10, 2010

In My Life....

-----I am looking forward to going to Cornerstone Festival.  I plan to live-blog.
-----I often run my credit (for absolutely free and without affecting my credit score as it is a "soft pull") at Credit Karma. I am doing things to improve my credit and I am keeps fluctuating rapidly by about 4 points.
-----Speaking of finances, I wish that I could go to BlogHer....someday it will happen. For now I am attending "BlogHer at Home" and happy about the cost vs. going in real life. :-)
-----Our Doggie is going through a odd stage where she acts like she forgot or is confused by what all hand/verbal signals to do tricks mean. The only trick she really wants to do (which she knows impresses people) is "play dead." 
-----I think I might be allergic to pineapple....or at least have a sensitivity to it in large quantities. I was sick Sunday/Monday and was finally starting to feel better. Towards the end of the evening Monday, I ate a can of pineapple slices with some poppyseed dressing...and that made me MUCH more sick than the allergies and horrid migraine I already had. I thought that the soy in the dressing was bothering me (thyroid problems....but I can often have some poppyseed dressing). I think that anything more than a tiny amount of pineapple juice now makes me really sick.  I don't even know how to describe what happened.....the most uncomfortable part was the swelling of the goiter (I have Hashimoto's Disease). Maybe it was a reaction to BOTH the soy and the pineapple juice. Perhaps there is a preservative in canned pineapple that I can't have. Whatever went wrong, this has happened to me several times now after eating pineapple with salad dressing.
-----I want to visit my Mother on Sunday.
-----I have started "Secret Shopping"....this is nice because all expenses are compensated and you sometimes get a few dollars extra. Secret shopping and really fantastic coupons (i.e. any free promo I can find)....that is how we dine out. :-)
-----My Christmas Cactus are still acting like they are dying. The just don't seem to be getting enough sun. There is too much wind at times to transfer them to hanging pots outside. Maybe I should plant them in the ground for a while....but I am really attached to them and someone keeps vandalizing random plants that we have outside.
-----We have this (I would assume generic) peanut butter called "Algood." It does not spread well, has little flavor and does not swallow easily. I am hoping that it will do better if I put it on bread and melt it in the toaster oven.
-----I had a mainly tolerable day at work today....I can rarely say this.
-----I have a vision therapy appointment at the end of August. I am cautiously hopeful about this.


Bev Sykes said...

Thanks for the link to Credit Karma!



Yes. Credit Karma is awesome. We tried to consolidate our debt and the debt counselor was surprised (and delighted) when I told her of such....most people don't know of any way that you can look up your credit score without a hard pull, credit denial or paying.

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