Friday, June 18, 2010

Cooking with Nettles.

 The Mystery of Nettle
"Can nettles be beautiful?"
Photo by SteveFe
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-----How to make nettle beer. I would be nervous to drink this because I have unexpected reactions to a lot of things.

I have read that nettle can be used much the same as spinach. Apparently, a lot of chefs cook with nettles.

-----Nettle soup. I like recipes where it is more instructions that you can remember and just do later. A lot of times, I do not really use recipes but estimates.
-----Sorrel and Stinging Nettle Soup

-----Stinging Nettle Pesto 

-----Green Nettle Gnocchi with Cream and Herbs. From Twelve Cookbook.

-----Nettle Pancakes. A variation on a traditional dish from Finland.  Nettle is actually more nutritious than spinach....has a high amount of calcium and  iron. Nettles also have a high amount of oxalic acid which would not be beneficial if one had kidney problems....since I get some signs of kidney issues when overexerting myself, I will not be having nettle myself just as a precaution (I still love to collect up the recipes though). I will likely try several of the nettle recipes I am listing here.....but substitute spinach.


Kristin said...

Those are definitely interesting recipes.


Yes, if I get brave enough I will try nettle. Otherwise, I am going to use spinach. Maybe I will make a mini version at some point to test for an allergy....I do things like that. :-)

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