Sunday, June 20, 2010

-----Homeowner cleared in fatal shooting. It sounds like this was a terrifying experience for the homeowner. So sad, that a young man would do something that could jeopardize (and lose) their life like that at age 17. What do you think of "Make My Day" laws?
-----Fictional Anne Frank love story is angering some.  I think that I would be angry if I were a family member of Anne's, too. The reason that I say that I would be angry, is that fiction can be so powerful. I would find anything that was misleading to be harmful to the memory of my loved one.
-----A young boy's homemade patriotic hat is determined to violate school's No Guns Policy. What do you think?
-----Do you want your license plate to have ads? At one point in the article, it seems like drivers might have control over some of the ads featured. This is a whole new kind of "gaper's block."


Hevel said...

Just think of the power of fiction: The DaVinci code. :(


Yes. People have a tendency to think that fiction (especially if based on something that is real) might have more factual basis than it really does.


Also, when a person is strongly interested in some aspect of a story they tend to pass it on to others.

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