Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sad. RIP Trisha Babcock.

Demarco Harris is 13 and has been found guilty of a murder committed when he was 12. He was basically given a chance to look at this again when he is 21....but to be detained the whole time. Should he have gotten life in prison at age 12/13? Some are saying that the death penalty would be appropriate!

More details of the sentence. This is an ultra-compassionate sentence....which, from what I have read, does not always keep the person from committing future crimes. I hope that a comprehensive rehabilitation program is planned....or that Demarco's family/Church tries to help ensure that he is rehabilitated. I will make sure to include Demarco in my prayers until he turns 21. :-(
-I know that Demarco's mother has expressed much emotion about this....maybe she will go a great way to ensuring rehabilitation. Demarco's father actually turned him in. Perhaps his family will help...and the lives of two  young people will not be ruined forever.

Trisha's obituary. You can leave a note on the guestbook which is up until sometime in August.


Hevel said...

You know, I do hope he gets fully rehabilitated. It's possible. Mary Bell is a good example. Then we have the likes of Jon Venables.


I read about Mary Bell just recently....and I did not think there was any possibility for rehabilitation as I was reading what happened....people can amaze you. I do not know anything about Jon Venables...but will read about it. I hope that someone is able to help this young man....maybe he can do something great in the world in memory of the victim.

Hevel said...

Jon Venables was half of the 10-year-old (or around that) that murdered 2-year-old James Bulger in 1993. After being released from juvenile detention and being granted anonimity, Venables was arrested this year on child porn charges.

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