Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The world has many Lords of War.

This movie made me think about loyalties. Watching Uri's (Nicolas Cage) wife in this movie I realized that I would definitely have done something about the situation immediately. Knowing that it would likely destroy my family life, I would make the choice for preserving human life.

I think that Uri's character understands loyalty....he obviously knows how to manipulate loyalty (and I don't know if he truly understands love). Uri thinks that he is acknowledging what he truly is....and maybe he is.....but I don't know.

Uri's brother certainly could have taught him a lot about loyalty....a deeper kind of loyalty.

I also think of the things we look the other way about....and there are so many of these things that we are in denial about in the modern world. Like Uri, we have a lot of  "logical" reasons why it is okay to be in denial.

The last line is chilling....politically and just on a personal basis (considering all the denial that modern society pressures us to engage in).

-----"Obama's War".....I need to read this article more closely as I could not quite understand what was being asserted.
-----Korean POW to be laid to rest.
-----Shaming North Korea

This post is a work-in-progress. :-)

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