Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday Thirteen....

-----I am feeling so sad about this little girl who was killed in a police raid. It sounds like some of it may have been a mistake in judgement....which I am sure will be regretted forever. It has to be tough being a police officer and knowing that everything you do holds the life of citizen's and your own life/future in peril. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by this tragedy.
-----An 11-year-old girl has possibly committed suicide after being bullied at school. This is a very hard lesson for those who did the bullying...if they were given knowledge of the possible reason for this death.
-----At the very least, there might be some closure on this....police reopen case of first missing child to be put on a milk carton.

2. Chimp mauling gets even more tragic....owner dies. This whole incident is just devastating. If there was a flaw in the exotic animal laws involved, I hope that it is fixed. More details on what may have caused all of this.

3. Art stolen by Hitler discovered at Texas museum.  I wonder how many of the objects stolen from the Rothschilds have been accounted for. I would like to see these pieces.

Last week I wrote about Cassie Smith the 132-pound Hooters waitress who was told that she needs to loose weight...or lose her job. She is now suing (and people are taking bets on the outcome of the case). 
-------What do you take the outcome of the case will be? I don't really see Hooters hiring "frumpy" waitresses anytime soon.
-----This could have some interesting effects on the employment laws (or just uphold Michigan's law against weight discrimination).
-----I will be following this case as I have true alternating exotropia. My eye problems are bad enough that they are disabling (though I struggle each day to find ways not to apply for disability).....I start "vision therapy" in August. People discriminate (and even hate on sight) against me for my appearance.....EVERY DAY. Short of suing MANY people for disability discrimination and never being able to find a  decent job again (that is what it amounts to in this area), I can do very little about the MANY opportunities lost/incidents occured. Sadly the discrimination is not in my imagination, I have been directly told that I am ugly, need to "fix my face" and other such unpleasant remarks and actions. I find it hard to forget the person who literally gasped upon seeing my eyes or the people who tremble when handing me something. Yes, I will be following this case.

5. A scholarship for students who are illegal immigrants.

-----Deep-fried Coca Cola
-----Deep-fried Oreo Cookies The Cookie Monster photos made me smile. :-)
-----Deep-fried Snickers Bars
-----Deep-fried Mars Bars
-----Pecan Fried Okra
-----Deep Fried Grasshoppers  John the Baptist ate locusts (something still done in Arabia to this day from what I understand). Across different languages/regions a locust can refer to different things.

-----Captain Jack Sparrow cocktail recipe Of course, it contains rum.
-----Vodka eyeballing is dangerous.

8. Your Viagra donation could save this dog's life. Let us hope that Pfizer hears about this and makes the donations themselves.

9. Dishwashers:
Last Thursday I put all these little things I discovered about dishwasher cooking on my list. As I suspected might occur Husband is not at all intrigued by the idea....fears salmonella and thinks it is gross even if one buys a NEW countertop dishwasher. I am still passing on the dishwasher recipes to anyone who feels they can make sure the detergent,etc is not present in the dishwasher used. :-)

10. I finally saw the season finale of 90210.
-----Liam could only get in so much trouble before he was actually charged with a crime....that looks to be imminent.
-----I am totally puzzled as to who really killed Jasper's uncle....and hoping this finally unravels early next season.
-----I hope that Harry's character is replaced with another actor.....families still have to move on, together in some form, after fights/divorce. The only way that I could see Harry's character totally not being there is if he abandoned his family...and I am not sure that could realistically happen.


Vezi mai multe video din Sport
What do you think of the outfits, moves and subject matter in this performance?? Discussion here.
This is a video that I posted last has the Internet in an uproar. I looked on YouTube and found that there are plenty of outfits like this and dancing to go with it. There are particularly a lot of 4-year-old dancers who are "practicing" competing for when they get older. Even the subject matter of a lot of the songs is inappropriate for age. What gets me is that you know ADULTS choreographed a lot of these routines and chose (or had the buying decision) in the outfits.
-----Now for something cool.....I find wheelchair dancing inspiring.

Phil Spector produces wife's CD from prison
Amityville Horror house for sale

13. "The Hikers" have been detained in Iran for 300 of today. Today I am celebrating they requested people to do. We have started off the day by sleeping as long as we wanted.....really late. I have also started making my plans for Memorial Day (something, in all likelihood, The Hikers will miss).


This post is a work-in-progress. :-)


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Well gosh. Must be something about food, eh? The Jack Sparrow sounds intriguing.


The post (in progress right now) will likely have a variety of things. I have found though that I have more of an interest in food than I thought. :-)

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