Friday, May 28, 2010

S.O.S....Locked in plane.

People worry about getting locked in retail stores....but you don't usually have to worry about getting locked in (and left alone) on a commercial airplane. At first I objected to the lawsuit and then I thought about it. If you found yourself locked anywhere, including a plane, there is a time where you panic.....especially if no one comes to rescue you. There have to be many ways that this could have ended tragically.

Besides the emotional/dangerous situation when rescue is not imminent, there is also the "what if" type of scenario. What if this had not been a normal who either had a planned security threat or used the opportunity to create a security threat?

On a lighter note, if I knew I were being rescued soon, I might start reciting bits and pieces of The Langoliers. I hope my rescuers would not walk in on my impression of monsters chewing up the runway.

The Process of Self-Rescue

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