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I have read that linguica tastes good on pizza. An anonymous person on the 4chan cooking threads recommended a pizza of roasted eggplant, linguica, salami,red onion,fresh garlic,mushrooms,feta, mozzarella and a delicate tomato sauce....I will be trying this as soon as I feel confident in roasting eggplant.
-----I noted that linguica is not pronounced the way it looks. I hope that I have the pronunciation right....something like "lin-gweesuh."
-----When I was looking for linguica recipes I noted MANY that utilized processed ingredients (like Velveeta). I am not considering making anything with processed food....I am making a real effort to really keep track of what it is that I am eating and it would take me forever to look up all the additives,perservatives,etc.
-----There are a lot of linguica recipes that involve kale. I am intimidated by kale because it is hard to get clean. I will try frozen kale eventually (if it is from a company I trust).
-----Both sausages are preserved with sodium nitrite. I am trying to learn more about the various studies that have been done on using this.
-----For some reason YouTube is not working as far as is a tour of a linguica factory.

Linguica recipes I will likely make:
-----Linguica omelet. Pretty simple.
-----Linguica and peppers. I confess I had to look up how to parboil the peppers.
-----Linguica beans. I need to start trying to make tomato sauce myself.
-----Spaghetti and Linguica. I want to make my own spaghetti sauce more often. I did look at one of our spaghetti sauces though and was happy to say that I understood all of the ingredients....but want to know more about citric acid and how much of it I am eating.
-----Linguica and beans
-----Lasagna with linguica
-----Portuguese Rice
-----Portuguese Chorizo Soup I am not a big fan of dipping bread in soup...but will try it.
-----Caldo Verde
-----Frito Quejo (Fried Cheese) These are Azumaya Squares...I had to look it up but have seen them at the store several times.
-----Portuguese Beans
-----Stuffed Peppers
-----Hamburg Soup Interesting...."individuals may want to add lemon juice or vinegar to their serving."
-----Bourbon dogs. An appetizer
-----Lentil and Sausage Stew If I make this, I will follow the advice about letting the flavors develop.
-----Linguica Sandwiches I want to learn to stew tomatoes myself.
-----Peas and Linguica. I cannot imagine this tasting good...and that is why I want to see what it is like.
-----Chicken and Linguica Bake
-----Pasta Piselle con Linguica If I make this, I will use fresh mushrooms and fresh or frozen peas (not canned). I have yet to figure out what the word "Piselle" means.

How to Order Hawaii-made Portuguese Sausage on the Mainland 

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