Sunday, May 16, 2010

New developments

-----My urban farming efforts will never go as far as wearing the rice bra.
-----Cigarette butts can stop steel from rusting.  One immediately wonders how to get enough cigarette butts together for this to be effective.
-----Hamburger-scented (and shaped) candles.  Proceeds go to Autism Speaks. If I had the money to, I would buy these for the smile and the good cause.


Annie said...

So - I checked on the hamburger candle. Ideal of those of us who adore burger but not the calories. However, I then went on to reading the Weird News posted below the article. Oh, God help us.


I can't truly imagine what a hamburger-scented candle would smell like. There was a lot of weird/unusual news. I just read that a man married a pillow.

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