Thursday, April 08, 2010

Ultimate Blog Party 2010.....

  1.  Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Welcome to my Party Post. I am "Thebluestbutterfly"...a Business and Agricultural Student. I am married to a sculptor and have a 2-year-old fur baby (Doggie). I follow the news a lot and try to be a voracious reader. I try many recipes...and some of them make it to my blog. I like to take walks. I wish for PEACE. I believe in un-schooling (up to and including the college level) and I am passionate about urban farming. In the next few years, I hope to get as far off the food grid as is possible for my area.

After looking at several dresses on, I finally decided on wearing the dress below to Day 1 of the party. I am a little more conservative than most and get cold super-easily (Raynaud's Phenomenon) there will be a wrap around my shoulders for much of the night.

Surprisingly, I think I have become fond of full tulle skirts.
Sizes size is available!
I own no formals and may start saving for something like this in RL.

Would you like to win a $15 Amazon gift card???.....
Tell me which of the dresses you like best from this post in the comments.
Random Drawing immediately after Ultimate Blog Party 2010. :-)
Blip on my laptop....I have done this for Real-Life events and this works well.
-----"People are People" by Depeche Mode...this reflects a lot of my feelings to the way some people treat me and each other. That is one nice thing about a virtual party, there is no one who makes your life miserable but you are obligated to invite.
-----"The Current" by Blue Man Group....and their disco version of "The Chicken Dance." Yes, I did play the disco version of "The Chicken Dance" at a real life party (to many groans but this song is a family tradition).
-----"Cish Cash" by Basement Jaxx. I think of the video as a kaliedoscope...with tanks.
-----"Wo Is Zu Hause, Mama?"...."How High is the Water, Mama?" in German. Of course, sung by Johnny Cash
-----"The I Roc Z Song" by The High Speed Scene...makes me smile. I find singing along addictive. 
-----Alabama 3's cover of "Hotel California"

Other songs played:
"Boomin' " by tobyMac (he will be playing at Cornerstone Festival and I am going), "Cosmic Universal Fashion" (a sequel to "Right Now") by Sammy Hagar,"Devil is a Loser" by Lordi, "Evil" by Interpol, "London Underground" by Amateur Transplants, Michael Damian's "Rock On" (I want to see his directorial efforts at some point), "Root of All Evil" by Abney Park, "Van Lear Rose" by Loretta Lynn

I am newly addicted to "8 Story Walkup."

An old friend of ours doing Fire Poi for the first time. 

I wish that I were able to show "When You're Strange" at the party...a new documentary on The Doors. I hope it moves to a larger selection of theaters....and will be tweeting to @TheDoors with this wish.


adopt your own virtual pet!

As early readers of my blog may recall, it is dark in thebluestspider's web....that is because she was accidentally swallowed by an elephant.  It is lonely when you are trapped in an airpocket in the stomach of an elephant & are forced to eat the only friends (flies) you might make.

The bluestspider is still trapped in there & has tried shouting to the elephant & sending Morse code....I guess an elephant's hearing isn't that good.  Maybe it is an evil elephant & is deliberately ignoring her.

People I would love to see at the party:
-----Daniel. I really appreciated the lessons he learned from Nanny. old blog friend who knows what the important Father's Day gifts are.
-----Frances. I like the photos of life in New York.
-----Darth Vader. He is one of the Universe's best Dads.
-----The little girl I saw at a store several years back pretending to be a cowgirl....that just strikes me as unusual anymore. She would be perfect company for some of my nieces. extremely brave person.
-----David Johns. I would love to know how one goes about learning to photograph bears.

Would you like to win a $15 Amazon gift card???.....
Tell me which of the dresses you like best from this post in the comments.
Random Drawing immediately after Ultimate Blog Party 2010. :-)

Day 2 of the party will find me wearing  this Quinceanera gown....with a matching bolero jacket (to stave off my usual goose-bumps-in-air-conditioning-issues). This dress reminds me of a Southern Belle. If you look closely, you can see that the dress has appliques on the skirt....I am curious to see if that stands out in real life.

Yes, if you are reading this before the last day of Ultimate Blog Party 2010, I obviously plan out outfits ahead of time. I will be live-blogging at Cornerstone in June/July and I will be working on what I want to wear a little each day...I am just like that for events that make me happy.

I think I could be brave enough to wear this one without a wrap.
Looks like a dress where heels would be good (to elongate).

Would you like to win a $15 Amazon gift card???.....
Tell me which of the dresses you like best from this post in the comments.
Random Drawing immediately after Ultimate Blog Party 2010. :-)

I wish there could be authentic Coca Cola Blak at my party....from what I understand it is still available in Europe. I thought maybe I could find it online...I did find a lot of empty bottles that are being sold for ridiculous prices. I started looking for how to make something like Coca Cola Blak....and will be trying it during this party.

Simple and movement looks fun.
Purple/Royal...also comes in Yellow/Orange.
Beautiful with the model's coloring.

Would you like to win a $15 Amazon gift card???.....
Tell me which of the dresses you like best from this post in the comments.
Random Drawing immediately after Ultimate Blog Party 2010. :-)

Though they smell a little odd...
Pin-cushion Proteas are the perfect party decoration.

Another of my flower arrangements.
Perfect for a party.
Actually supported by a wine bottle in the center.

Of course, one bouquet has to have a butterfly. :-)

Fascinating party conversation:
-----Famous people who started at a late age. Laura Ingalls Wilder was surprising. Have you started anything at what would be considered a late age??
-----What is your favorite browser for your computer? for your cell phone? The only browser for the cellphone that I have used so far is Opera Mini.
-----Should John Paul II be made a saint?
-----What do you think of the Cory Maye case?
-----Is anyone still keeping there New Year's Resolutions? You can work on your goals by opening a First Muse Bank account.
-----Pay-As-You-Go PCs?
-----Drinking milk helps have twins???
-----How often do you walk? America Walks....dedicated to making walkable communities. My new phone has a pedometer.
-----How often would you use an underwater MP3 player?
-----Are there currently any bloggers in captivity? Every once-in-a-while I read about a blogger who has been detained for political reasons.
-----What would your advice to President Obama be?
-----World Ebook Fair...July 4-August 4. I attend every year and try to tell as many people as I can. Fascinating.
-----Would you go on a spacewalk?
-----Illinois Freedom Run
-----Will/should the penny and nickel be phased out?
-----How to tidy up your Facebook

Of course, everyone on the Internet should be talking about Net Neutrality!

-----Frog Legs. I am not sure how many frog legs are in each of the measurements given on Cajungrocer. has many frog leg recipes.
-----Mexican Fudge...not what you think.
-----Rachel Pennington's Tomato Pie...something I have been meaning to try making for Husband for a while.
-----Bananas.....they might go extinct.
-----How to make homemade granola...for guests who are here for breakfast. :-)

I encourage everyone at the party to click at The Hunger Site. An easy, no-strings way to give 1.1 cups of food every day. 

Toasts anyone???
I toast Love, Peace and the sucessful completion of goals.
We used to celebrate the end of every work week...or, more accurately, the survival of every work week.

At some point, Husband and I will get away from the party for a romantic dinner.

Hopefully, we won't light our romantic dinner on fire. :-)

In RL, on Day 2 of the party Husband and I made Turkey Minestrone.
We used the basic Easy Minestrone recipe...something we make often.
Instead of the 4 tomatoes, we used about a 16 oz. can of dice tomatoes.
This time we used 4 cups of chicken broth and 4 cups of water.
We skipped the carrots...because I ate them all.
We forget to put in the Parmesan. 
We added a medium onion, a handful of leftover mushrooms,minced garlic (from a jar), and turkey.
We make the soup on the stove (instead of the crockpot).

Outdoor fun for the children at the party.
In real life, this would include MANY sparklers.
I also let children play with my keyboard. :-)

Day 5 at my portion of UBP10
In real life, this would be fun for a black and white ball.
The way the bows fall is interesting.

Now serving:
-----Black and White their story in the comments people have left on the recipe.
-----Mini Black and White Cookies. Black and White Cookies are a New York favorite.
-----Black and White Pizza. Sounds somewhat spicy. Seems a good one for when need tiny slices.
-----Black and White drinks. Doesn't necessarily look black and white to me. I will have to try in RL.
Black and White Angel Food Cake. From The Barefoot Contessa.

Day 5 of UBP10's RealLife events featured a concert by Chris Mann.

Would you like to win a $15 Amazon gift card???.....
Tell me which of the dresses you like best from this post in the comments.
Random Drawing immediately after Ultimate Blog Party 2010. :-)

Day 6's Dress...Faviana...$299

The last day's party dress...eggplant and silver.
I would make up some sort of flower crown for this one.
I would have to make sure the flower crown did not look cheesy.
I love putting flowers in my hair.
I wonder what the embellishments on the top look like in RL.
Mauri Simone Dress...on sale for $129.00
The dress is available in sizes 2,4,6,8

Party smiles:
-----Making a banner that says "Thank You" and attaching it to the pile for the trash collector.
-----If I knew someone who had a crane, I could ask to borrow the world's biggest YoYo.
-----We can use the face transformer. :-)
-----Someone needs to teach me how to juggle.

Tackle It Tuesday Meme
When you're having a week long party, the cleanup makes every day "Tackle It Tuesday. :-)

Party stress  relief:
Neck exercise for the shower....personally, I carry a lot of tension in my neck. I try to do exercises like this before, after (and depending on what it is....during) a big event.

Hopefully no first aid will be need at the party...since first aid is obviously no longer being taught in schools. Several years ago I had resolved to write more about first aid and home ec topics...I need to get back to that resolve. :-)

Yes, I know there are prizes at the party.
I am even giving one away myself  (listed on the prize winner gets two subscriptions....Taste of Home and Simple & Delicious). I don't know what prizes I want to win.....for the most part, any would be nice.
I would love to win the $150 dollar shopping spree from Pedal Cars and Retro Collectibles. I would use this to buy a portable record player....this has been a long-time wish of mine. (US Prize Number 1)

I like the e-gift card from "Couponing to Disney." I am Disney-obsessed. :-) (US Prize 15)

Third choice would be the Target gift certificate from Frugal Novice. I like couponing at, this would go a long way. (US Prize 32)

No big party is complete without fireworks. 

(This post was partially sponsored by PromGirl.Net....I figured this was the ideal time to show the pretty dresses I found.)  :-)

The Amazon gift card I am giving away is totally sponsored by ME. :-)
This year's party is on Facebook and Twitter, too. If I find your answer about the dresses on Facebook or Twitter, I will post what you said here. That will count as being entered in the drawing....if you wish.

This is a post in progress.....I will be adding little bits throughout the party. :-)



via Twitter:
I like the blue dress with the tulle, it's beautiful. :-)

Since this year's Party is also on Twitter and Facebook....I have decided that this qualifies as an entry....if entry in the giveaway is acceptable to @2commonsense.

I wonder if she means the first dress...there is another with a little tulle.


I checked with @2commonsense. It is the first dress that she likes and she does want to be entered in my giveaway.

donna_m_webb said...

Fantastic blog page! So much info and fun, I love the dresses, but the one that got my attention is the black and white dress, day 5 I think? I love black and white! Look fowared to reading more here! Have a great week partying!

Jen @ Happy LIttle Homemaker said...

What a fun post! The best I've seen yet. I thought my favorite was the blue dress from day one, but after seeing the black and white dress with bows, I think I've changed my mind. Hope to see you around!

Deana Birks said...

I love all the pretty dresses! Nice meeting you.

kathi said...

Wow, you have fireworks at your party :) Not entering the drawing, but my fave dress is the one for the last day in eggplant and silver. Wish I were still young and thin enough to look good in it!

Mingle on :)

jskell911 said...

Love your blog and day 6's dress is my fave!


Thank's Donna-
The black and white dress is unusual. I would love to have a black and white party of my own at some point. :-)

Victoria said...

Dropping by from the UBP. I love the way you write! I look forward to future posts on here.

PS - Day 6's Dress...Faviana is ABSOLUTELY stunning.

cdmtx said...

wow! beautiful stunning dresses ! i love the Quinceanera gown!!

Lets Go Do the Hop - the Party Hop thats is :) also swinging by to say awesome party and Blog!

Roxanna said...

Awesome party! Your whole post kept me interested the whole time... so much to talk about... I love the Quinceanera gown the best! Would love to win your giveaway! Will come back and read your blog.

colleen said...

You went all out! I like the white dress on day 2. Netchick should come visit.

Jacquelyn said...

This is great! So fun and creative. I like your dress for Day 6! They are all beautiful :) Great Party.

JamericanSpice said...

Very interesting blog you have. I'm visiting from the UBparty2010.

Nice to meet you! I shall be perusing your blog abit.

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Hello, I’m here for the party!

My name is Niki and I am your newest reader. I look forward to reading on to get to know you better.

Come on by and visit me during the party; I’m hosting a giveaway you won’t want to miss!

P.S. I really like the eggplant and silver dress!

The Local Cook said...

yay urban farming! Hope you're enjoying the party.


I have to say that I admire how much you care about being a good caregiver for your Mother.

SusanD said...

Greetings. Stopping over from the UBP. So glad I found you. Love the dresses. It's so difficult to choose just one! I'll have to pick the blue dress from day one. I'll be back soon for another visit. Blessings, SusanD

Shop with Me Mama said...

I LOVE the this Quinceanera gown from day 2! Oh that is hot! Love your site and nice to meet you!!!

Sturgmom said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

And I like the white/pink dress the best. :) Although my prom days are LONG gone. And a suburban mom of three rarely finds an occasion for such a dress, but you never know, I guess...


Thank you, Jen. Your compliments made me blush.

Jenn said...

Love the dress pics you posted...I'm obviously a big fan of tulle also! :) Hope you are having fun at the UBP!

Jenni ("Miss Tutu")
My UBP blog post: How to Make a Tutu blog - hope you will stop by, say hi, and grab the free tutu making lesson! :) and here's a contest I'm running which you might like: Mom Blogger $100 Cash Contest

dawns41 said...

Hi I am party hopping from the UBP! Oh, I love the black and white dress. So different!

Parenting Advice said...

Happy UBP! Love the beautiful dresses. Stop by and say hi at my blog party.


Thanks for visiting. I hope that you have clothing that makes you happy...whatever age you are. :-)

Fruitful Vine2 said...

Hey there precious one! I'm having fun at this party! Party on! See you around Fruitful Vine after the party is over.


Thanks for visiting. I am particularly interested in the "Cheap Tweets" mentioned in your sidebar....Twitter is a GREAT place to let others know about deals.


Congratulations on being a newlywed...that is a wonderful time in life. Husband and I are concentrating on getting back to being like newlyweds...vs. devoting too much of our time to stress/drama (not of our own making).

robynl said...

I choose day 4's dress by Clarisse; all of them were lovely but blue/purple is my color.


lovelyritaann said...

Interesting blog. I love the black and white dress with the bows... but it was hard to choose between that one and the Quincenera one...

Feel free to come by my blog and read my Ultimate Blog Party ’10 post!
Become a reader & stay informed of upcoming giveaways! There is one going on right now!

Cheryl D. said...

Hi! Popping by via the UBP! Nice site!



Victoria said...

Thank you so much! You can find me at vschilke at gmail dot com

Pamela M. Kramer said...

Hey Winner!
You need these numbers to complete the prize form on the prize page -

72 Thebluestbutterfly


I filled out the prize page. I hope I did it correctly and that you got my answers. Thanks. :-)

I am so excited.

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