Sunday, April 04, 2010

In My Life....

-----Is it Ding-Dong-the-Car-is-dead? Husband is in the process of being driven back from the stalled car. Then we wait to see if it is battery, alternator or engine. NOT GOOD...but I am staying calm.
-----Gunshots a couple of neighborhoods away? Again???!
-----Doggie looks so beautiful when sleeping.
-----Husband bought me authentic enchiladas for authentic I do not mean Taco Bell, Rudy's, or hole-in-the-walls claiming to be authentic. I insisted Husband have one of the enchiladas...and redefined what he thought of as an authentic Mexican dish. :-)

-----It is not the engine. Husband and Father-in-Law changed battery....we will see if it is battery or alternator.
-----Watching Transformers II. A large portion of the movie seems to be about a girl in a skimpy blouse running in slow motion. The soft porn name would be "Debbie Runs Egypt."
-----Ceiling-Fan-Indoors-Weather is something I like....I do not like it when it progresses to absolutely having have an air conditioner or getting sick.

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