Sunday, April 04, 2010

In My Life....

-----Hoping we have wine at Easter. I haven't been able to justify (economically) buying a bottle of wine for a while.
-----We will see if it is just the battery that died on the car in a few hours....if it is not, I am not sure how/if we will make it to Easter. In this worst-case-scenario, money that was to go to medical debt will have to go to a new (very used) car.
-----Feeling sorry for EJ on "Days of Our Lives." I have no idea how/if he would be able to make things work out with Sami.
-----On Days of Our Lives, I don't really like Chloe's character...just does not come off as very intelligent.
-----It is storming...and I keep hearing either train whistles or storm sirens.

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