Friday, April 02, 2010

In My Life....

-----Trying to work out a rather extreme algorithm to relieve debt problems caused by illness and a few unscrupulous companies (which prompted other companies to skyrocket our interest rates)....not even the beginning of fun.  The negotiation phone calls will be nowhere near fun.
-----Checked out about a dozen books on debt reduction at the library today...learning a lot.
-----I am trying to improve my Spanish (I speak a good amount). I hope to take a side job as a translator and/or to see if Amazon's Mechanical Turk still has translation opportunities. This will take a while....but should be fun to blog about.
-----Yuck. It was 81 degrees in our house and I did not even notice it. I wondered why I was having a hard time concentrating.


colleen said...

It's 85 degrees here in Virginia today. Warmer than it's been in along time. Forsythia are in bloom and I'm meeting and greeting from Netchick's. I hope your debt problems get worked out.


Our tiger lilies are coming least 14 of them (if they didn't get killed by a small, late frost). Tiger lilies are pretty sturdy....or so I am told.

I have also been told by several people/books/websites to protect plants with leaves until danger of frost is over and by someone to definitely uncover them because the sun will scorch them (this strong uncovering advice was particularly about the hostas).

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