Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cooking with Gordon.....

-----Here is the shopping list for the 3 courses prepared on this show. My first impression is that this is a lot of ingredients.
-----I thought that we would cook the Steak Diane at in-laws we have a hood on our stove. Turns out the in-laws have a hood on their stove, too....and are not at ease with fire. Planning to make the Steak Diane at our house in a few weeks.
------Husband wants to watch the video of Gordon cooking the steak....I am a klutz due to my eye problems and am prohibited from fire. I am also now prohibited from piles of glass jars...I broke a bottle of bread and butter pickles at the store the other day (despited REPEATED cautions that I wasn't being careful enough). Welcome to the intersection of exotropia and brain fog (Hashimoto's/hypothyroid)....this is my life and we adjust. :-) I really would like to experience doing the flambé myself though. :-(
-----Cedric sure did seem to have a pile of pepper there.
-----Of course, the stores that we shop at do not have mascarpone (and MANY other common ingredients for someone who actually cooks). I also noticed that there are not many mascarpone options available on Amazon. @dbirks agreed with me that a lot of stores don't carry mascarpone and advised me that cream cheese can be substituted (though it is not as rich).

I knew that olive oil had healing effects....but not to this extent. In regards to Gordon's recipes, I am glad that we just bought a new bottle of olive oil. Our recent olive oil purchase was our largest bottle yet. We were shopping at a Hy-Vee this week....for which I was very happy as I refuse to buy olive oil at Walmart (they charge a LOT for olive oil).



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