Thursday, April 29, 2010

Adding to the Never Cooked With List....

Licensed Photo. "Farmhouse Fireplace" Taken by Roger Kirby.

A list of things that I have never cooked with (but intend to try).

I have never cooked with:
-----Almond milk (reportedly Michael Jackson had it with granola for breakfast)
-----Arrowroot powder
-----Barley Malt Syrup. The best way to use it is along with other natural sweeteners...I do not know what sweeteners I will use it with yet.
-----Bay scallops...or any scallops. Some of the people on Hell's Kitchen make cooking scallops seem like rocket science.
-----Bean sprouts. I have eaten them. Ham and Bean Sprout Salad sounds interesting.
-----Black sesame seeds. I have seen these mentioned many times and I am really eager to try them.
-----Cashew butter
-----Chipotle Tabasco
-----Curry Powder
-----Dark sesame oil. Sesame oil itself was on the list but I am now working my way through a bottle. :-) I have read that some people keep sesame oil in the fridge....this is what I am trying. Sesame oil can go rancid quickly.
-----Dry mustard
-----Enoki mushrooms.Mild.Crunch. Used for soups and stir fries.
-----Fleur de Sel (maybe I have had this....haven't paid attention to sea salt labels)
-----Fried squash blossoms
-----Frozen ramen
-----Garlic Tabasco
-----Ground Szechuan peppercorns
-----Halloumi Cheese
-----Haricot Vert. French green beans. We will eventually be growing Haricot Vert. to make Harissa Grilled Halibut with Grilled Red Pepper Harissa
-----Hoisin sauce. My first recipe candidate for cooking with hoison sauce is Salmon Summer Rolls with Dipping Sauce.....that way I get to learn to use the rice paper for rolling, too. I am also interested in this Beef and Green Bean Stir-fry ( I sometimes break my soy taboo and use soy sauce).
-----Hotel Bar butter. Part of New York cuisine for over a century.
-----Japanese soy sauce. There is a difference between Japanese soy sauce and the stuff we get in The States.
-----Katsoubushi (dried bonito flakes). Bonito flakes are bits of dried bonito fish and they look like wood shavings. They are perfectly edible by humans....but in the United States some companies sell them as cat treats (I do not want to eat the cat treats). Bonito is a type of tuna.
-----Kelp.Supposed to increase thyroid function...and I have thyroid problems.There are some kelp items I will be trying in addition to any recipes.
-----Leeks. I will be making Julia Child's Potage Parmentier (Potato and Leek Soup). Apparently, you can add green beans to Potage Parmentier....I will likely not like that as I DETEST POTATO SOUP WITH GREEN BEANS IN IT.
-----Maltitol Syrup. A sugar-free corn syrup substitute. 90% as sweet as sugar with about half the calories.
-----Mirin. A co-worker was surprised that I know what it is. 
-----Muscovado Sugar
-----Napa cabbage
-----Nori. I tried my first Nori independent of California Rolls rolls this week. It looked like a papery-green-jerky strip and reminded me of fish skin. I liked it.
-----Peanut oil
-----Pickled ginger. I have eaten it...just never cooked with it myself.
-----Pine Nuts (never tasted one)
-----Pomegranate Molasses.
-----Powdered peanut butter. It has a lot of possible uses...sprinkled as a flavoring on or in a lot of things. I want to use it in a stir fry...perhaps Kung Pao Chicken.
-----Roasted peanut oil
-----Salsify  Rich and Creamy Salsify Gratin
-----Sansho pepper (Japanese pepper seedpods)
-----Sesame Seeds
-----Sherry Wine Vinegar
-----Shimeji mushrooms. Have to be cooked....otherwise are bitter.
-----Soba Noodles. I have had them...but have not cooked them myself. 
-----Squid. I love to eat it.....but NOT pickled. Ditto for octopus on not having cooked and the same eating preferences as the squid.
-----Star Anise. Perhaps I will make the Haitian recipe Akasan.
-----Sweet Bean Paste
-----Tahini. Tomato Salad with Tahini Sauce....talks about eating it during Ramadan (I am assuming during the non-fasting hours).
-----Tamarind paste
-----Tarragon Wine Vinegar
-----Tobanjan (Chinese chili paste)
-----Wakame. If I figured a way to grow it, I would be careful since Wakame is invasive.
-----Wood ear mushrooms. My first cooking with Wood Ear Mushrooms will likely be Chicken and Wood Ear Mushroom Soup. The Chicken and Wood Ear Mushroom Soup uses peanut oil (which I have not cooked with yet).
-----Yellow Crookneck Squash

After consideration, I took off all the soy items....miso and so on. I am not supposed to have them due to my thyroid problems and think that I can't truly enjoy never being able to taste a dish I cook. I want to be able to try more than a few bites of a I can make my own judgement as to whether it turned out well.

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