Sunday, March 21, 2010

There is always hope....Autism

This post has two test out some new LoudLaunch features and to indirectly speak to those who have given up on children with Autism. I have known children with autism where those around them only looked at "controlling" their behaviors...this approach has always upset me. 

The LoudLaunch service that I am testing called for me to write a post about Dr. Toni Atkinson of the site I just referenced no longer works (either for the purposes of the test or the site has just been taken down since LoudLaunch last worked with him/her). 

Anyway....Dr. Atkinson did something that I highly approve of-diagnostic psychological assessment services for children who might have Autism. What I like is that Dr. Atkinson "identifies the child's strengths and weaknesses." The emphasis for me is on the strengths....something I think people tend to forget about children with autism. A lot of children with autism have some area that they are keenly interested in (science, patterns,etc)...think of how enriched some part of their world could be if people acknowledged this more. 

While not everyone with autism is a savant (like Dustin Hoffman in "Rainman"), some steps can be taken to give a child a better chance at some level of a fulfilling life (perhaps without the "inevitable" institutionalization). Rarely, there is even a recovery from autism....believe it or not (Google it and you will find research on this). To those I have known who have seen this illness as futile....really THINK AGAIN. 

I have read that Autism can be evaluated as early as 12-14 months of age...then autistic children have a whole lifetime's adventure to live just like anyone else. :-) 

(In case you missed it, this post was sponsored by LoudLaunch) :-)

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