Sunday, March 21, 2010

My new favorite sponsored reviews....LoudLaunch

LoudLaunch is introducing a new suite of services in December....I am really excited to see what the new innovations are. I enjoy LoudLaunch and it has, as of late,become my favorite of the sponsored reviews/posts that I am willing to consider doing.

I like that LoudLaunch pays fairly...the most insulting thing is when some company wants to pay you literally pennies for an hour's work (there are several companies out there like that...I kid you not). I know that I am a good writer and I have a fairly large/steady reader base. I always feel LoudLaunch respects my need to provide quality content and not insult my readers with Spam.

Campaigns I have enjoyed with LoudLaunch:
-----Learning what Spring and Summer vacations are available at Breezes Resorts. Jamaica is somewhere I am really curious about. In particular, I want to horseback ride every day,see fire-breathing and visit the world renowned "7 Mile Beach." I would also like to write a research paper on how I feel a trip to Jamaica has become a culture icon or rite of passage for many Americans.
-----C'Elle...a service that harvests menstrual blood stem cells that may one day be used to help treat illnesses. Some may find this "icky"...but it could save lives. like the printable grocery coupons. -----The American debut of the Russian artist Victor Lysakov. He does Expressionist art and has giclees available (I am a big fan of based digital prints of fine art).
-----Mongo Tickets. I still want to see "Wicked" or "9 to 5" if either production is still playing.
-----Blue Nile. I love their rings. I have been a fan for a long time....Husband actually used one of their ring-sizers when he made my Promise Ring.

----Charter Communications...they had a great Laptop-a-Day Giveaway that was fun to tell my readers about. As you can see, there is quiet a variety. LoudLaunch can be used for many different kinds of,event announcements,product reviews, charitable causes-LoudLaunch does a bit of everything.
Loudlunch is a proven adventure for me...something I have been doing since April of 2007.

Things I like about Loudlaunch:
-----Both advertisers and publishers have control over what is published. A writer can give their 100% honest opinion....obviously not something I am afraid of (surely I am one of the most talkative people I know).
-----Disclosure. LoudLaunch takes extra care to follow all the international regulations and guidelines regarding "transparency" with one's readers. (Before the FTC tightened their guidelines, a lot of companies wanted writers to not reveal they were being compensated.)
-----As a matter of fact, regarding disclosure, I am helping to test out a new part of LoudLaunch....with the typing of this very post!! I look forward to seeing the new features all put together. :-)
-----If I had more than one website that met approval (there is a discretionary review done on each blog), I would be able to register each for possible writing opportunities.
-----Quality standards...the quality that SHOULD be present in a blog. For instance, if your blog is more paid content then anything else, you might find yourself "unceremoniously banned." I applaud an insistence on real content. :-)
-----When I get confused about anything, LoudLaunch has always been patient in answering me. They seem to take any feedback and use it for improvement.
-----As I said, I feel LoudLaunch is fair in their payments. I have made as high as $45 dollars (and some change) for a review. Typically, my LoudLaunch posts can pay a good portion of one of my utility bills.

What has been YOUR experience with sponsored reviews and posts?

In case you missed it above....this is a sponsored post. I am helping to test something new for LoudLaunch. :-)

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