Friday, March 26, 2010

More LoudLaunch Time.....

As you may have noticed, I am helping to thoroughly test a new LoudLaunch feature...."BuzzEditor."

BuzzEditor will help ensure that LoudLaunch bloggers have professional reviews. Anyone who has sponsored reviews on their blog should have disclosure. Sponsored posts should also be free of grammar and spelling errors. I have been following some of these same guidelines since at least 2006...and I am really glad to see a company double check that everyone involved is keeping within quality writing standards.

Things I like about LoudLaunch:
-----Honestly, the pay rate has been great! LoudLaunch takes a much smaller percentage from writers or advertisers than ALL of the  sponsored review services that I have experienced. They have quickly become my favorite of all the sponsored reviews that participate in.
-----Variety of topics. I review everything from vacations to rehab centers. I have written about events and told of PSA's for causes I truly believe in.
-----The efforts that LoudLaunch goes through to patiently work with writers...the test I am doing now being one of them.

This is another Time Constraint Test....meaning that the system will remind me when I have not completed certain steps. :-)

I get to deliberately procrastinate for a while. :-)

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