Thursday, March 04, 2010


Licensed photo...DO NOT COPY.
Title: Maya Calendar
Description: Artifact of Maya Calendar in a sunray

-----March 17, 2010. St Patrick's Day (of course). What are you doing to celebrate??
-----May 7, 2010. Iron Man 2. I am looking forward to all the ACDC songs. I have heard that there are 15 of them...but I am not sure if this is true.
-----August 20, 2010. The Expendables comes out. A Sylvester Stallone movie. It is about a team of mercenaries who go to South America to try to overthrow a dictator. Jason Statham and Jet Li are also in this movie.
-----2011. Six Flags Amusement Parks 50th Anniversary Celebration. I plan to go to at least part of it.

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