Tuesday, March 30, 2010

In My Life....

Days of Our Lives:
---I can't decide whether to feel sorry for Nicole's character on Days of Our Lives. I think that Brady does still love her...but how could a person really choose to be someone who has done that many awful things with no prospects of changing???
---I don't know why someone hasn't sat Melanie down and told her all the evil things that the Alamians have done. Surely then Melanie would understand why Carly had her raised by someone else.

-----We are in Day 3 of the possible journey to living in a different house...please keep this in your thoughts and prayers.
-----Of course, I forgot to take my niece's belated birthday present with when I went to visit my Mother on Sunday. My Mother will see niece before I will. I always forget to take something when I visit people.

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