Friday, March 26, 2010

In My Life....

-----Very has been exhausting.
-----We started Christmas shopping this week. Trying to get as many things free via coupons as we can this year.
-----I think we finally found ice cream containers that work. Usually ice cream starts getting ice crystals after one day in our freezer. Blue Bunny has some sort of seals that are actually working in our freezer. I have enjoyed two helpings of Mint Chocolate Chip...and the ice cream has stayed crystal-free for 5 days....that is definitely a record. I wish that Blue Bunny made pineapple.
-----Catching up on "Days of Our Lives" episodes. I really did not like Philip's tie on Tuesday's episode. Two collars of blue....checkered....and big. Frown.
-----I have a desk now...something I have not had for most of last laptop and all of this one. Sometimes sitting at a desk is just more structured and organized...thankful that Neighbor was getting rid of a desk. Sadly, I could use my scanner all the time now...but it does not work on Vista. Good news though...Husband says we can buy another scanner and share it. I hope the new scanner scans text better...sometimes I have to guess blurry words when preparing a recipe or risk getting the book covered in ingredients. A good scanner is we will have to save up. Husband wants the best we can arrange to, we will have to save up.
-----My old scanner will be donated to a Church. :-)


Thomas said...

Did you visit the manufacturer's website to see if they have an updated driver for your scanner? A lot of peripherals didn't work with Vista right out of the box, but the manufacturers eventually figured it out.


I guess I left that out...we came to this result after looking for drivers on the manufacturer website. Thank you.

Sleepypete said...

Might be worth peeking at All-In-One printer/scanner/copiers instead of just a scanner ... That seems to be the way things are going, all-in-one devices instead of flatbed scanners.

Mind you, that does pack a couple of breakable devices into the one. My current all-in-one has a very good scanner (with good OCR on text) but the printer part has a very poor paper feeder.


In addition to my scanner, we have an all-in-one. Our all-in-one is blurry on some text. The all-in-one is also not compatible with Vista...though I am going to have Husband recheck that. Thanks

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