Sunday, March 21, 2010

In My Life....

-----I have decided to NEVER drink soda from a fast food restaurant again.....based on this.  Gross. I am not being paranoid about this as I have actually experienced e-coli caused by someone not washing properly in their home.
-----I am helping to test something new for LoudLaunch....that is exciting. I don't know how much I can say....but it works well and I am impressed so far.
-----Working on having a small party sometime near the end of December. The invites will call the party "Soup,Salad and Everything" and the event will be loaded with references to the Hitchhiker's "Trilogy."

The Diggnation at SXSW is my favorite episode to watch...both this year and last year.
------I have yet to use location-check-in things at events. I might explore Foursquare or Gowalla next time I am at a concert. I find the app that tells you where all the women are at an event a bit...CREEPY. I found another app that tells you when people who Twitter are likely to be was right for me (at least it only does it for recent times....but still...can we say potential house break-in???)
-----Human breast milk cheese??? Some lactation consultants do tell people to try breast milk. I read that breast milk has immunological benefits at all ages.  If one were to try breast milk (alleged cheese, or otherwise), it should be expressed and not directly obtained to avoid spreading any kind of bacteria.
-----Microsoft Courier
-----I would eat a chip flavored like lamb. Pringles=yummy....but some of them are on recall right now. 
-----I see that they are drinking Modelo. I have been trying to find out more about this beer.
-----The Alienware keyboard is neat. I am somewhat interested in this computer....but my primary focus is on  things to help with my writing (not gaming).
-----How safe do you think owning a jet pack would be?
-----The crowd-surfing was awesome but would, of course, be more awesome with a jet pack. :-)
-----Would you/have you crowd-surfed? Husband says he did this several times at one concert and that women tend to loose their shirt when doing this.
-----Wow. Predator reboot...July 9th. Lawrence Fishurne is in this movie.

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