Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In My Life....

We will likely go back sometime next month.
(Photo taken by me.)

-----Glad that my blog is back up. I was having some major problems for a good portion of today. I was really worried that the homepage had disappeared forever.
-----Husband started a whole bunch of seeds yesterday.
-----The Census forms arrived yesterday....we still need to fill them out. I am annoyed that they don't look much different than other mail....yet we have to catch that they arrived and fill them out by law. @JNez pointed out that the census forms want your phone number pretty quickly...but don't even ask for a signature.
-----I have some Student Loan papers to send student loans are a nightmare not of my own making (long story).
-----I got offered the chance to help test out some new site features for a service that I enjoy. As soon as I know what I can and cannot say, I will be saying a lot about this. :-)
-----Husband made me feel good. He said that he like my new blog layout. He also really liked the photo of the fire-breather that someone took in Jamaica (on a sponsored post that I did).
-----I burst out laughing when looking at old posts today. On March 1 of 2007, I received a Spam e-mail entitled "Sick of Your Fat."
-----I have read rumors on Facebook that the character Bo is leaving Days of Our Lives and that the series will end in September. :-(

We saw Fickle's Lot at First Church of the Living Dead.
We are likely going to see them again in June at a Relay for Life Event.
The photo, when it was without the ladder, kept un-editing....I like this just fine. :-)

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