Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In My Life.....

-----The Census forms arrived today. You must answer them by law....but why do they not differentiate them better from other mail???
-----More student loan paperwork. My student loans are a fiasco...NOT of my own doing...and I might write about this some day just for the fact that most would not believe the sheer nightmare of what can happen with them.
-----Home sick today. Not fun. Means I am giving up my St. Patrick's Day to make up for it....not fun.
-----Stops so far on way to Crown Point this summer....El Pollo Loco and Trader Joe's. I must start figuring out the budget...but it won't cost much. We are going to a Fickle's Lot Concert....Relay for Life (a cancer charity, if you didn't know).
-----Submitted my blog to be considered for Swag Bucks promotional possibilities. I am really excited about this.
-----Working on the list for a small dinner party that we are having next month. I always get so ANXIOUS when I plan any kind of event.

Working on my entry for this challenge. I have an idea that I really like and hope that it translates well to the table.

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