Monday, March 15, 2010

In My Life.....

-----I finally get to see Julie & Julia. It will be on Starz Saturday & Sunday. (Correct that...I found out the Starz premiere will be April 10th....repeating twice on April 11th....a Saturday and Sunday).
-----Husband has agreed to start doing my haircuts. I think he will do very well at it. I look at it as a kind of sculpture....and he is a sculptor. :-)
-----Watched a movie called "Head Over Heels" was hilarious. Husband thought it was funny,too. A romantic-comedy-mystery.
-----Very impressed with the idea of the Chevy Volt. I wonder how much this car will cost.
-----I very much want to go to Atlanta in September to see "The Ghost Brothers of Darkland County"....a long-in-the-making John Mellencamp and Stephen King musical. I hope that it does not get postponed again.
-----My issues of Ladies' Home Journal and Surfer magazine arrived. I have complimentary subscriptions and this is the first issue of Surfer for me. Surfer looks interesting....there is a piece on Scotland in this issue.


Sleepypete said...

I'm very curious about cars like the Volt, although I think I'd go more for a full hybrid like the Prius or the Honda that's coming soon. I don't currently have a garage or off road parking, so I'd not want an electric cable running across the pavement.

Not so sure about the Prius though, because I value handling over all other things and I don't think the Prius would hold the road that well. (Handling is why I'm underwhelmed by my Focus compared to the Puma I had before :-)


I am very curious about the Volt in particular...and I don't often go for anything Chevy (besides enjoying some of the commercials and Camaros). If the Volt is semi-affordable, I think it would work well for us. I wish that there were a Toyota/Saturn truck like this....or that American-made motors were longer-lasting.

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