Tuesday, March 23, 2010

If you don't see it, this is good.
More helping to test LoudLaunch features.

What is the meaning of the title of this post? I am helping to test a new feature of LoudLaunch. If this post is mainly free of Grammar errors, spelling errors and a disclosure statement can be found...then the "BuzzEditor test is working. The editing is partly done by humans while certain components are being tested.However,I can tell, from the past days of playing with how BuzzEditor will work, that this is going to be a GREAT asset to being a LoudLaunch blogger or advertiser. 
LoudLaunch has become my favorite of all the sponsored reviews/posts that I consider doing. I like that there is such variety and the pay rate is very pleasing. I have recieved as high as $45 (and a little bit of change) for two of my reviews...extra money to help pay the utility bills. 
Campaigns I have enjoyed with LoudLaunch: 
-----Breezes Resorts. I am particularly interested in the vacations to Jamaica. I want to horseback ride every day,see fire-breathing and visit the world renowned "7 Mile Beach." I wonder if there are poi shows in Jamaica...I am a big fan of fire poi when it is done with great music.Yesterday I was talking to someone in a store about cruises to Jamaica and other destinations...what I have learned via being a LoudLunch blogger is sometimes very useful outside of the Blogosphere. :-) 
-----C'Elle...a service that harvests menstrual blood stem cells. C'Ell may save many lives. I love to do PSA's for any cause I believe in...even when some tell me that it sounds "icky. 
-----MyCoupons.com...I like the printable grocery coupons. Given the economy, I am thankful to learn about sites like this. 
-----The American debut of the Russian artist Victor Lysakov
-----Blue Nile. I love their rings and have been a fan for years. 

Thebluestbutterfly=Proud LoudLaunch member since April of 2007. 

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