Sunday, March 28, 2010

In My Life....

-----I am reading the book "Paranoia" by Joseph Finder. On Daily Lit, it is free. :-) I started reading this before (via the installments) but could not keep starting over again.
-----Via Daily Lit, I am also reading "1632" by Eric Flint. It is a two-times-in-history-meet sort of thing from what I can tell.
-----Doggie is getting more trained each day. No significant progress on kenneling though.
-----My Purex Complete 3-in-1 sample arrived. The sample is enough for two loads. Now I just have to get brave enough to try it. It is a blue sheet of detergent with a green strip and two white stripes at the covers both the washing and the drying. I think the white is the fabric softener and the green is the anti-static. I am excited about this product. If I like it, I am going to give full size starter kits as Mother's Day extras...if I can find them reasonably priced.
-----Taking a jar of Polaner All-Fruit to my Mother's today. I think that she can have this....diabetic so, of course, she has to carefully watch ingredients.
-----Sending my niece a late birthday Dance Dance Revolution but it is High School Musical for the Playstation 2. :-)
-----Niece recently got a Big Wheel. I am still wishing that there was such for adults.
-----Still helping to test a new feature of LoudLaunch. :-)
-----I have met a lot of people recently who are doing like we are....already starting on the Christmas shopping.

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