Sunday, March 21, 2010

Helping Test Time....LoudLaunch

This is another test for a new feature of LoudLaunch. Hopefully, it goes well. Learning the deadlines system and so on that goes with the new features is a process for me....just as it is with all online writing deadlines. I have seen people that have enormous greaseboards or calendars to make sure they are keeping up with this sort of thing. I once knew someone with a greaseboard that took up a whole wall. I do not even have a desk currently (space constraints). Hmm. I must write down a table about I learn each of the deadlines.

 Meanwhile, I must write to LoudLaunch because I misunderstood a deadline.

In case you don't know, LoudLaunch is a service that helps bloggers get paid to review a service, product, event (etc.) that others might find of interest. I have learned a lot of interesting things via LoudLaunch (particularly about travel destinations....I had a great conversation about cruise destinations with a total stranger yesterday). 

What I like about LoudLaunch
-----Both advertisers and publishers have control over what is published. As a writer, being able to give my 100% honest opinion is important to me....I take my credibility with readers here on this blog seriously. 
-----LoudLaunch is fair in their payments. 
-----If your blog is more paid content then anything else, you might find yourself "unceremoniously banned." The world has enough spam. 
-----Disclosure. LoudLaunch takes extra care to follow all the international regulations and guidelines regarding "transparency" in anything that might be construed as an endorsement/affiliation. I have taken a keen interest in disclosure since at least 2006. :-) 
-----When I get confused about anything, LoudLaunch has always responded to my questions promptly. For instance the "deadline" that I mentioned above...I am just working through tests so there is no deadline. I am heaving a sigh of relief. Right now, the thing I am liking about LoudLaunch is the lack of stress put on bloggers. :-) :-) :-) 

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