Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kids' Stuff....90210 Organics

-----Ecobaby Radius Solid Maple Crib More than I think I would be willing to pay for a crib....yet, I really like it. It has just become my leading candidate for a crib if Husband and I ever manage to have children. Beautiful. It seems very safe and very sturdy.
-----I suppose BabyLegs are not needed in some of the warmed-up areas now....but I like the Rioja-patterned set. It is warmed up here, by-the-way, but I am not sure how long/if that will last. I guess these will not work for my new nephew....but I might buy some for a niece next winter.
-----Sarah's Silks canopies....I like "Celestial."
-----Sarah's Silk capes. One of my many nieces is getting one for whatever the next significant event that comes up is (or maybe just because). In my book, this is something that has to be a bit adult supervised. I am torn between a couple of the color I will likely just let Niece choose.

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