Wednesday, March 24, 2010

And the test goes on....LoudLaunch :-)

The past several days have been fascinating. I am helping to test LoudLaunch's new feature called "BuzzEditor." I think this is a great way to check spelling and grammar...not to mention, protecting the integrity of Bloggers and Advertisers. 

KeyWord One-----"This is only a test. If this were an actual post there would be an actual keyword. This has been a test of the BuzzEditor system." :-) 

I have been doing sponsored reviews since at least some time in 2006...and I have to say that this is the most care that I have seen to ensure professionalism. Way to go, LoudLaunch!!! 

I am getting used to the new BuzzEditor system and I hope that other users will understand it quickly. 

-----I would love to see a forum or Twitter group especially for LoudLaunch bloggers at some point.
 -----I have said it many times before...I admire the degree to which disclosure is ensured. LoudLaunch checks for disclosure with each submission. 
-----LoudLaunch is fair in their payments. I had part of my taxes done today....and the tax consultant was impressed (we had a great conversation about making income via a blog...something she had never been introduced to). 
-----LoudLaunch checks to make sure that blogs are not just paid content. The world has enough Spammers (though I thank them at times since I "Exercise for Comments". 

Keyword Two....again, only a test. :-) 

Anyway....BuzzEditor coming soon to a LoudLaunch blogger near you. I will keep blogging on what I think after the new feature launches.:-) 

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