Friday, February 26, 2010

In My Life.....

-----Watching the Sydney-saga on "Days of Our Lives." Wondering if they will ever let all the characters know that Sydney is alive. I don't know what level of devastation and hate will be directed to Anna DiMera when/if the role she had in the (hoax) kidnapping is revealed.
-----I enjoy Victor's character on Days of Our Lives...his comments make me laugh.
-----I am planning to let my Swag Bucks accumulate each month and then evaluate whether I want to redeem them or save up more.
-----I had fun at our Artist Peer Review group tonight....though we are still only three people.
-----Is a long friendship over?? I really have to think about this...not sure that there is much I can do about it for now. It is overwhelming how quickly life can change.

"It takes a long time to grow an old friend."
-John Leonard

Speaking of FRIENDS, I am very appreciative of the Online Friends that I have developed over the years. Having friends online is do not always talk every day (or even frequently at times), yet sometimes you say just the right things to bring brightness into Life. This week I am figuring out who to give "Sunshine Awards" to....a great way to say thank you for the smiles.

Watching the first episode of this season. I am looking into taking aerobics classes...thinking I will do them on a drop-in basis until I find a gym that I like.

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