Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In My Life.....

-----Continuing to review my new (complimentary) ring from LuShae. I have some very negative people in my life...and this ring certainly attracted their attention. That was not fun...I tend to hide whatever the object of jealousy is when people do things like that (makes me very uncomfortable). At least I know I have good taste then and I picked out a pretty ring. Other than the awkwardness with annoying people, I noticed something great about this ring...the prongs do not stick out at all....this means it does not catch on my super-long hair!

-----Thursday we have a second meeting for the Artist Peer Review group that we started...hopefully there will be more than three people this next time. I think this is a great thing and hopefully it does not die out. Below is my fave of the artwork that we looked at last Thursday.

Lead Salad by ~xeraxex on deviantART

-----We are having a variation on Bierochen (German Cabbage Burgers) this evening. I found the recipe by entering all the ingredients in our cupboards/fridge on I am finding that Supercook is helpful for the more basic ingredients that one has in their cupboard. I plan to try a lot of the traditional/heritage dishes that I found via this ingredient search engine. :-)
-----Correct that last bit....we ended up having the British dish Bubble and Squeak without the potatoes. I put salt and pepper on mine and it was good. I also found this one via SuperCook.

-----Memo to self: I have a video due at the library today...."The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner."
-----Glad to say that my friend's surgery went OK.

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