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I have been watching the Tiger Woods coverage. It is now being said that his wife is divorcing him. I know many talked of her possibly staying for the kids or forgiving Bill Clinton and John Edwards were lucky enough to have their wives do. I was not surprised, that the media is now certain there will be a divorce. I am sure there can eventually be forgiveness....but I have never met a woman who does not live in a culture where multiple marriages are condoned who would likely be able to live with man who cheated with 14 or so woman on a long-term basis. Would you stay with a spouse who cheated with as many people for such long periods of time?
-----This whole thing upsets me as Tiger was a role model to many. I hope that he is able to redeem himself in some way.
-----It comes as no surprise, that there is talk of Tiger Woods appearing on Oprah.

3. What do you think of the plans to move detainees from Guantanamo to Illinois? My thoughts on this are here.

I like the "Livin the Simple Life" blog. There are a lot of really pretty home decor projects presented on this blog. Living the Simple Life inspired me to ask Husband if we could paint our bathroom and kitchen another color....happy to say he thought this was a viable idea.

5. Did you get any freezing rain this week? I hope that everyone reading stays safe throughout the Holiday Season. Drive carefully.


I am doing a quick giveaway. The winner is the first person to respond to this post. I am starting a series of posts about seeking out one's inner child. Life has left me kind of sad lately....just too much stress and not enough stress-relief. I am sighing as I write this. I have been meaning to do this giveaway for a while....and thought I would have so many fun things to contribute....but I don't.
To enter:
-----Leave a comment on this post about ideas for adults/children/both to have child-like fun. Ideas that are low-cost or free would be great.
-----Leave a link to a fun snack recipe.
-----Tell me your thoughts/impressions of Yoplait's kids products.
The winner:
Recieves a insolated bag, color-changing spoon, reusable placemat, a twisty toy,coupon for a free Yoplait Kids' Product (they come in packs). Please make sure there is an email contact or blog address associated with your I can contact you and get your shipping details.
Coupon is not valid in some states including Idaho, Lousiana,Nevada, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota and Tennessee.
What I thought of Yoplait's Less Sugar Yogurt for Kids:
I bought a six pack of Go Diego Go themed yogurt. The yogurt contained two flavors with three containers of each....Peach and Strawberry Banana. This yogurt was firmer than a lot of yogurt I have tasted. The peach was not particularly sharp....that is a plus for children. I think I might even try to use the peach in some sort of recipe. The Strawberry Banana was a hit with me. I was impressed by the quantity of yogurt one gets for 3 dollars and change.
Thank you to Yoplait, General Mills and MyBlogSpark for providing me with this pack...which made me a little happier. :-)
After someone wins, it would still be GREAT to continue this conversation. :-)

10. Recipes:
-----Basil Chicken Over Angel Hair Angel hair is one of my favorite pastas.I love recipes that add small amounts of hot pepper sauce without the hot pepper sauce being the star of the recipe.

11. Days of Our Lives thoughts:
-----I hope EJ isn't really a drug lord. Could he be trying to offset his father in some way? Maybe, his Father is actually the drug lord?
-----I have read spoilers and I would have considered a few other people to be who kidnapped Sydney. I will talk about this after the whole storyline becomes more open.

12. In My Life:
-----I found out this week that I have problems with eating cayenne. This is too bad because many things with cayenne in them taste good....particularly the hot sauce that I was getting when eating Chinese food.
-----Part of my Christmas shopping will need to be done on Christmas Eve. I am stressed by this.
-----I can't decide if I like "The Dresden Files" or not.

SITs is a great way to meet other bloggers.

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