Monday, December 28, 2009

President Obama's Speech Today

I am not feeling well today and also waiting on some stressful news (regarding my Mother's Breast Cancer possibly spreading). When it came on C-Span, I was able to see Obama's address on the foiled terrorism plot.

I was glad that this was addressed by the President instead of politicians and reporters battling over the issue with no official import from the highest office.

At the end of the speech, the protests in Iran were mentioned...our support of those fighting oppression there was spoken of. I did not like the bit at the end where a reporter tried to turn it into a press conference/ just seemed pointless to try to pressure the President when he had just acknowledged that there WAS analysis needed of our Watchlist systems.

-----I feel bad for the father of the young man who was attempting to bring down the plane (his father reported the extremist views that he was observing before this incident).
------I wonder if we would give the terrorist a chance to reform into society if they were from this country.
-----Of course, I am impressed with the actions of the passengers/crew during the flight. It is sad that people now have to be vigilant for violence when taking public transportation. It is also sad that religious holidays are targeted....I am glad that this is now frowned upon for American militaries (I would not want to attack someone on their religious holiday).
-----I wonder what we/Nigeria will do about punishment for this young man.

Complete text of Statement by the President on the Attempted Attack on Christmas Day and Recent Violence in Iran

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