Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Guantanamo, USA.

Photo by Adam.
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Guantanamo is being moved to Illinois. This has me a bit uneasy. I just don't know if it could really be secured. I suppose it is the best thing for those being detained....in light of some of the cruelties visited upon them under previous arrangements. This is a location where more monitoring of the situation can go on. I just worry about the area then becoming a target, pawn for verbal warfare or distraction from other issues.

@DougMeacham pointed out the fact that there are hundreds of people labeled as terrorists already incarcerated (and asked if the terrorists at Gitmo pose a greater risk). I don't know the answer to this...other than the first thing I think of is that some of these people are maybe those committing acts specifically against our government/individual leaders (vs. our country). I guess it would depend on the individuals we were discussing as to whether I think they are a greater threat.

@DougMeacham's comment did make me wonder what the reaction would be if American citizens who threatened the President,etc. were taken to this New Guantanamo. Would such a decision cause more Patriotism in our country or more division?

I know that some who live in the Thomson area will be happy for the jobs this facility brings....but I can't help but think that for some this is another thing to say "NOT IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD" about.

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