Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wondering What My Wallet Says About Me...

Every once-in-a-while one must thoroughly clean out their wallet (or if you want to call it a pocketbook). I did that this evening while watching A & E's show "Hoarders." When I clean out my wallet...I always feel like it is a fresh organizational start.

I think the contents of your wallet can say a lot about you. This one says more about me from a few years back...as it is a wallet that I have only used on a few occasions in the past three or four years. It has just been sitting on a shelf. Yes, I found receipts from 2006. :-)

My wallet is in immaculate condition....but I just found a hole at the bottom of one of the pockets. I would not have found this if "Hoarders" hadn't made me want to clean something while watching. Now I must get a new wallet....but I liked this one so much.

---36 cents.
---Social Security Card...which will be put away as it is said that you shouldn't carry that in your wallet anymore.
---Top of a receipt with the address and phone number to my mother's favorite restaurant.
---Receipt for eye care.
---Business card for woman I bought Husband's wedding ring and some other jewelry from.
---My aunt's phone number. It is good that I have this here in case there is an emergency with my Mother (who has Stage 4 Breast Cancer).
---Receipt when we took my mother out to dinner for her birthday.
---Business card for a Barnes & Noble out of town that we like.
---Library card
---A couple sheets of blogging ideas
---Game piece from the Indiana Jones game that Burger King had.
---The Dewey Decimal numbers for some books that I am looking for at the library.
---Credit cards,old insurance cards,store loyalty cards.
---Blockbuster Card
---Wrinkled up ticket from the Vin Diesel movie "Pacifier."

Threw away:
---Gum wrappers and a plastic wrapper to a cookie (because I do not throw wrappers on the ground if I have nowhere else to put them).
---The ring that went around my favorite pen. I was at least a little happy that this part broke off a few days before someone stole the pen. Since it was a nice pen, a co-worker watched for a point when I was not looking and stole it. I was pretty upset about this...it was an expensive writing pen that I bought for interviews about 6 years ago.
---Expired coupon Dove Chocolate.

Receipts thrown away (various ages):
---My fave Chinese restaurant. They like us....we like them. Very sweet people. Each year we get a Christmas calendar from them and they often give us free little items. My Husband even made them a sculpture. We do not go as much as we used to with the economy.
---ATM receipts.
---Pambazo and a quesadilla from a local authentic Mexican restaurant. From a lunch Husband and I had after paying a cell phone bill.
---Sally Beauty Club Card receipt. I need to renew this membership.
---Movie. I don't know what movie it was but apparently Husband and I each paid our own way.
---Dog treats and a durable toy for Doggie.
---Something I bought from Salvation Army for 95 cents.
---Sandwiches at a library....quick lunch.
---Spaghetti house
---2 bottles of Bawls,a Pepsi and an "In Style" magazine.
---Bison Beef Jerky, canola oil and a Mountain Dew. Bison Beef Jerky is good and I must pick up some again soon.
---Gum. I buy a lot of gum. Whenever I eat anything with sugar and I am around people after, I must have some gum. Sugar (especially soda) tends to make my breath bad.
---JCPenney tennis shoes. I usually buy the same pair over and over. I wait until they are BOGO...JCPenney has a lot of BOGO sales when it comes to tennis shoes. The reason why I buy more than one pair is that I have a hard time finding tennis shoes that are comfortable.
---All sorts of awful fruit licorice that was on sale, Red Baron Deep Dish Mini Pizzas on sale,toilet paper, MAD magazine, a Mountain Dew. Credit for bringing my own bag.

Thrown away Walmart receipts for:
* 2 boxes of toothpaste (I buy them in pairs because I hate the price and the fact that they start falling apart at any time....Tom's of Maine Flouride Free as I have thyroid problems.
*Submarine sandwich...$2.98. Dinner when it is late and I really need something before real dinner.
*Store credit of $8.95 for when I bought the wrong toothpaste.

*2 Mountain Dews, eggs,ice cream,2 gallons of milk,tacky glue,needles,2 spools of thread,the magazine at the counters with all the coupons and some sort of fabric trim.

*Canteloupe that was on sale.
*A bowl for salsa....one of the black plastic bowls with legs like they use in Mexican restaurants. I have gotten great use out of this.
*Tostitos. I think the scoop chips.

*Men's socks, Dryel, 2 bottles of Tea (20 oz.). I use Dryel instead of dry-cleaning....and wait until I have a really good coupon.

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