Sunday, November 01, 2009

Unconcious Mutterings Meme

  1. Hairbrush :: My hairbrush is always getting full of hair. I have thyroid problems and lose so much. The thyroid issues also make my hair brittle....and on top of that it is really curly and frizzy. Still my hair is generally very pretty. Singing into a hairbrush. Whatever the number of strokes it is that they used to say you should brush your hair.
  2. Sneak :: Trick or treating...the trick part. Sneaking a cookie, chocolate or other treat. The way some spouses sneak their purchases into the house and hide them from their spouse....some people do this everyday and I wish they could see their own behavior. A racoon....bandit.
  3. Hole :: The rabbit hole. Courtney Love. Having a hole in your pocket and loosing things....I am good at that. Having a hole in your purse and everything getting behind the lining or underneath it...I am good at that.
  4. Horror :: Horror movies. Rocky Horror Picture Show. Horrified.
  5. Standard :: Envelope. Having standards. Standard procedure.
  6. Mailbox :: We need to check the post office box today. Mailboxes on country roads. People harming the mailboxes of others. The scene from The Butterfly Effect. People stealing things from your mailbox....sometimes the delivery person.
  7. Attachment :: Attachment in an e-mail. Vacuum-cleaner attachment. Airbrush attachment. The space station or other space vehicle attaching to each other.....especially in movies. Being attached to someone. Being overly attached to someone. People often watching and criticizing each others' level of attachment.....sometimes this can be a very harmful thing that society does.
  8. Type :: Blood type. A person being "not your type." Some people, who have only met me and do not know me, assume that I am not my Husband's type (even though we have been married/a couple a long time). Giving blood because one is the same blood type. Typing...I can do that pretty fast and actually type much more than I write.
  9. Nails :: Mine are long, thankfully. Having thyroid problems, I battle brittle nails. Often I have this weird characteristic where a new nail grows under my old I almost always have long nails. I am told that my hands are beautiful. Putting nails in the wall. Jesus nailed to the cross. Nine-Inch-Nails.
  10. Storage :: Storage box. Storage unit. Cold storage. Things never getting used that go in storage. Hoarders....and piles of stuff. I am currently sorting out two closets that I use for storage....clothes, Christmas Plush, books. Ziploc containers. Apparently there are some really big Ziploc bags that are for storage.

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