Tuesday, November 24, 2009

In My Life....

-----I made minestrone by hand twice this week....I am proud of myself.
-----Today our TV and DVD player were victims of lightning/power surge. Luckily the surge protector saved the day! The DVD player only had part of the word "LOAD" reading and then it made a screech and shut off...refusing to come on again. The TV had multi-colored dots running in lines on a white screen. It was so lucky for us that the reset worked....at first it looked pretty dire.
-----Sometime within the last month or so our CD-changer and my camera battery charger were taken out by a storm. I think that we are doing something differently with the electronics....and I hope that I can figure it out before there are more casualties.
-----Husband thinks he has some sort of cold. I think I might have something minor that I keep catching from co-workers (repeatedly because they refuse to stay home and some do not cover their mouths...EVER...the co-workers have horrible colds).This means that we cannot visit my Mother who has cancer...and will miss Thanksgiving with my side of the family. :-(
-----I am sitting at home relaxing today...like I said, I think I am a little sick.
-----90210 is on tonight...I like that show a lot.
-----I am now a part of the Microsoft Office Starter 2010 Beta Program. This is the replacement for Microsoft Works.
-----Husband brought me an issue of "Gothic Beauty" magazine today. Since we try to keep to a budget, this was a great treat to me.
-----I got accepted at a school I really want to attend....the pathway to another part of my education. I am excited!!!


Annie said...

This is just so funny, Blue. And more than that, listing them here and creating a post is really clever. There is so much here to read and enjoy and LEARN about you. Thanks for the peek.


I have been listing my "Happenings" for a while.

Sometimes, it is illuminating to me.

Sometimes, it reminds me of the things that I think are important.

Sometimes, I remember I need to get certain things done.

Sometimes, I can gauge my emotional well-being.

Sometimes, that is how people in RL know about what is going on with me.

As Scott Peck and former wife said, "Everything is overdetermined." There are many reasons.

It really works for me to share like this. :-)


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