Friday, November 13, 2009

In My Life....

-----We did a big grocery shopping trip tonight. I have about 8 new recipes that I am going to make in the next few weeks.....exciting.
-----The girl at the checkout gave us a recycled bag discount though our bags were not from her store (from three different stores actually)....that was nice of her.
-----The price of eggs went up drastically. The price of green peppers went down drastically.

-----I am making cupcakes in the next few weeks. They will have cream cheese frosting...maybe colored frosting with miniature marshmallows on top. I found out that Husband really likes cupcakes...something I don't think I knew about him. :-)
-----I do not know what I am making for Thanksgiving Eve Dinner this year. This is a tradition that Husband and I keeps part of the holiday ours in the midst of all the visiting. I love making a stuffing called "Everything Stuffing" that I found in this year's Thanksgiving issue of Taste of Home....but most everyone I know does not have the palate that can tolerate the tad of spiciness this has the way I prepare it (I could make it but I would end up eating most of it myself). Hmmm....I will come up with something.
-----I am pretty sure that we are behind on our Heroes episodes.
-----A friend says they are going to pain medicine detox.
-----I am going to make lasagna for the first time.
-----I owe 60 cents to the library because I was working so much that I got my dates confused. This happens every once in a while when I pull long shifts....I don't realize until just after the due time that I still have the books. Groan.


Hevel said...

mmm, lasagna!

I watched Gordon Ramsay make lasdagna live on TV yesterday. Took him like 40 minutes.

What recipe do you use?


I am going to use a recipe for "Easy Lasagna" from Taste of Home. The recipe only calls for 9 lasagna noodles and I bought about, I might try some other versions. :-)

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