Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In My Life...

-----I missed the first twenty minutes of 90210 tonight. One odd thing about this show....seems like the characters are attending a party every episode.
-----Doggie seems to be a little sick. I have been working a lot and I think it has upset Doggie's stomach. Our Doggie is an emotional little thing. Husband said yesterday Doggie was sitting in my blanket wailing for me and all of sudden Doggie got sick to the stomach. Doggie has been staying really close to me and got an upset stomach again today.
-----My Christmas cacti are still not doing well. I think they are not getting enough light.
-----I hate Winter. My feet never seem to get cold. I have Raynaud's phenomenon.
-----The Taste of Home Comfort Food Diet Cookbook was due back at the library....so, back it went. I am glad to say though that we tried four recipes from this book. I plan to purchase this one.
-----Today I rearranged all my jewelry. I have a lot of vintage costume jewelry that I like to wear. Now it is categorized and I have a lot more room to add new things.
-----I need to find a recipe for Italian Creme Soda that tastes good. We did try a recipe once....but it was not good. I want to be able to make it myself instead of having to go to coffee shops if I ever want one.


Hevel said...

I think you are right about 90210. I don't watch it, but when I channel surf through parts of it, they are ALWAYS at a party.


It is weird. Sadly, I think there will be a funeral soon....but even a get together after can be a party-of-sorts. I should see how many episodes they go without some sort of party....I don't think people party every day in Beverly Hills even. Sooner or later all of the characters show up at pretty much all of the parties.


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