Sunday, November 29, 2009

Credit bells, Susan Boyle, Inanimate Objects, Manson and Finding Judge Lance.

-----Eventually all Salvation Army Bell ringers may be able to take credit cards. The possiblity with the cell phone is a drastic change, too. Do you think changes like this would affect your level of giving any. Wouldn't you feel a little guilty debating with the Salvation Army if your donation was somehow overcharged?
-----Susan Boyle's debut album tops Britain's charts. If there are some songs from musicals or other older songs on here, I might get this for my Mother for Christmas.
-----Inanimate Objects Party (IOP). Would you elect the whale or the squirrel?
-----It would certainly be unusual to find that Charles Manson is likely your father. This gentleman does look like Charles Manson could be his father.
-----Judge Lance Ito gives up after his name placard is repeatedly stolen from outside the courtroom. Surely, he or the facility is going to come up with a remedy to this problem?? I hope that people late to court by a smidgen because they had to stop to ask are given some leeway. I would also assume some sort of directions are given by summons or a person's attorney.....I hope.

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