Saturday, October 17, 2009

What Will Your Christmas/Holidays Be Like??

One thing that won't change is our tree.
Husband likes the way we do our tree so much that we do almost exactly the same tree each year.
This year we will get the huckleberry (which are purple) candycanes.

I have been preparing for Christmas for a while now....I have a large family, some friends that really need to know others care and I have a tighter budget than previous years.

What I envision for our Holidays so far:
-----Making lots of paper snowflakes. Building snowmen.
-----Using a lot of Pampered Chef's Double-Strength Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract in my recipes. This is one of the prized things in my spice rack.
-----There are a few Christmas displays in our area that are must see for us each year.
-----Bring the pine cones that I gathered earlier in the year into the house to sprinkle with glitter. I hope that I can make them look pretty, not gaudy.
-----If I can find a guaranteed-clean patch of snow, making Maple Candy (like Little House on the Prairie).
-----Making cranberry sauce. I like to make my own cranberry is not very hard. I think homemade cranberry sauce tastes so good....and I am quiet proud of mine. I plan to freeze several bags of cranberries this you can no longer get them here at any time other than the Holiday season.
-----We assembled an Advent wreath by switching out the dark candles in our candelabra and slipping a wreath over it.
-----Finding some sort of tutorials to see if I can do a bit of ornaments decorated from the inside. I was talking to a woman today who bought something similar to these hand painted Christmas ornaments. I don't think that mine will be beautiful....but it will be fun.
-----Trying a few new wines or beers. Maybe we can find some that are specifically designed for the holidays...but not over-spiced. I see either a trip to Trader Joe's or having someone bring us something from there. (For Halloween we have Kennebunkport Pumpkin Ale set aside from last month's visit to Trader Joe's).
-----Bringing out ALL my plush Christmas village people, lights and ribbons....I have quiet a collection. Last year, a friend gave me three bags of plush village people!
-----Lots of Billy Idol's "Yellin' At the Christmas Tree." That song makes me laugh.
-----Watching Breakfast at Tiffany's. Husband got it for me about three years ago as an early Christmas present.
-----Having mead. We usually have mead at the holidays. :-) I have some mulling spices for it this year.
-----Mulled apple cider...I am good at that.
-----Figuring out what to send my Jewish friend for Hanukkah. I am thinking they are always helpful for religious observations.
-----Lots of hot cocoa. So relaxing to drink hot chocolate with Husband at the end of the evening.
-----Listening to various Christmas radio stations. I love seasonal radio stations. For Christmas my favorite station is "Lagniappe" (pronounced Lan-yap). Lagniappe plays New-Orleans-style Christmas music.
-----Doing an Astro Weenie Christmas Tree for every party I attend. This is a funny, retro tree with all sorts of veggies, cocktail weenies,etc.
Of course, I will be looking forward to my Christmas cacti blooming.
I gave a friend a cutting from one as a part of a "Play It Forward" Game called Akoha...
I hope it blooms for him this year.

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

You have so many good Christmas traditions. I think many build up routines that they stay with over the years.

NetChick sent me here.


Thank you. Traditions are important to me. :-)

Melissa B. said...

One of my Christmas cacti already has buds...a Thanksgiving cactus, perhaps? Sending positive vibes your way for your Mom. SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did. Happy Saturday Sharefest!

I Left My SFO

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

Hi stopping in via SITS.

I love making Christmas plans too. I just posted an idea for an easy, affordable hostess gift for the holidays yesterday. I thought maybe people would think it was too early. Glad to see I'm not the only one with Christmas on the brain.

Sounds like your family is going to have a great holiday season.


Thank you, Melissa. I keep catching colds from my workplace and do not get to see my Mom as often as I would like.

I think SITS is a lot of fun so far. :-)


I hope far as having a good Holiday season. There are so many politics that go on...I keep saying that sooner or later Husband and I are going to budget for a Vacation. I love Christmas though.

Krystal said...

It sounds like you're going to have a great Christmas season! We love Christmas in my family, and I'm already looking forward to it! I'm a little nervous this year because it's our first year with our son (who we're adopting through the foster care system), and I'm afraid of what my tree will look like! lol


Afraid of what your tree will look like? From ornaments being pulled off? :-)

Give your son lots of hugs. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday.

Hevel said...

I'm here throu IComLeaWe.

Your Christmas/winter plans sound fabulous!

Right before we moved to no-snow-land we made maple candy Little House In The Big Woods style with my kids. They loved it!

This year before, during and after Chanukkah my family once again will make a window city, complete with an ice rink on the window sill, drink lots of hot chocolate, visit the Kotel (Wailing Wall), fry sufganiyot, listen to Adam Sandler's Chanukkah Song (all three versions) a gazillion times, gamble with dreidels, and make hand made decorations for the New Year's tree for Father Frost's visit.


The window city sounds like fun...maybe I should start a yard for my dollhouse (and a few miniature houses that we have). I do not know what sufganiyot is...I will have to look it up in my copy of "The Jewish Catalog." I hope that you and your family have wonderful celebrations this year....and thank you so much for comment (such a great contribution).

Hevel said...

Sufganiyot, more or less, are jelly filled doughnuts. We eat them around Chanukah, because they are fried in oil.

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