Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Some of our photography adventures......

Some photos are just better without any color correction at this one.
I think it was taken by Husband. Beautiful movement and colors.

A photo that I took. Husband liked this bird a lot.

I like to take duck/water photos.

This morning I am looking at this
new york city camera store site. I am also editing a lot of photos that Husband and I took at the zoo. We started the trip with the main intent of me practicing my photography skills...but I started off our adventure having a bad day (some days are just like that....turns out I wasn't taking bad photos but it so seemed like it to me). Anyway....Husband took a bunch of photos for his artwork.

We thought that we would each have a camera....but my camera continues to be broken. I have an Aptec that had the battery charger struck by maybe Ebay can fix my problem. Right now, for digital photos we are sharing an Olympus.

We have three film cameras...but really can't justify the expense of film. When I can justify the expense of film and/or I start the photography portion of my education (purposefully "over-educated"-that's how I like to be).....expect to see just how great I think "old-fashioned" photography still is.

I am especially excited to try out the finds that Husband made. I have a Canon AE1 and a Rebel that Husband found for twenty dollars a piece at a thrift, I am not kidding. This will likely remain one of the finds of our year! :-)
-----We have slowly been finding darkroom equipment at thrift stores,too. I have a closet that I think might work for a darkroom.

Husband likes to photograph lizards.

Poor elephant. What are those metal things on the ground?
Mr./Mrs. Elephant your restroom is not very aesthetic.

Back to the photo site that I was visiting this morning, "42nd St. Photo," there were a lot of things that might add to my adventures.
-----Vievu PVR-PRO Wearable Camcorder. Attaches to your jacket or whatever. For someday when I get around to a Vlog or for my friend who sometimes does performance art.
-----It was nice to see that portable photo printers might now be in the realm of affordability for me. I am glad that I held off on such a purchase. When I start the photography portion of my education, I will need one...but now I will have to make less of an investment. This was great news.
-----There are various electronic toys on this site. I have not completely figured out what gifts I am going to give my nieces/nephews this year. Hmm. I did not find any prospects yet....but there is a lot to look through.

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