Thursday, October 08, 2009

Thursday Thirteen......

1. "Dinner:Impossible" is supposed to be a real show with real missions. Why does the the doughnut and cake episode at a New Jersey bakery seem so scripted? It really seems like the night shift supervisor is acting. Maybe her management style is this way?

That's My Answer! October Mingle
This is one of the things that I do with my Thursdays. I meet a lot of interesting people this way. :-) I think this will particularly fun this month....seeing what people are doing for Halloween.


Blog Action Day is October 15th.

5. There is an all new episode of "The Next Iron Chef" on Sunday. I am excited.

6. It is Old Navy's 15th Anniversary. Do you wear clothes from Old Navy?

7. As Halloween approaches I have been thinking of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" (and of Michael Jackson himself).

-----Vintage recipe...Pumpkin Mince Meat Pie.
-----Vintage Macaroni and Cheese recipe
-----Tipsy Maple Pecan Pie. I do not like pecan pie...but I might try it sometime.

9. If we only have 3 years left to live...

10. T-shirts:
-----"Vampires Have No Life" Very reasonably priced.
-----"Shark Tricks"
-----"It's the Most Wonderful Time for a Beer"

-----Apple caviar recipe
-----Pilgrim Hat Cookies. Simple fun.
-----"Cream of Taco Soup"


13. People are always telling me how they want to learn a foreign language....but when I suggest ways that they can do so (LiveMocha, for instance) they basically blow me off. It's weird how people can say they want to do something that they really have no commitment to doing.

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

It's too bad the video can't get shown outside the US.

NetChick sent me this way.


I wish that you could see it...then again I wish that I could see a lot of the BBC stuff.

Glad to have you visit, Jean-Luc.

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