Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rivers in the Blogosphere.....

This evening I am experimenting with "Small Rivers"....a Bloggers tool to network content and audiences. I have only seen one similar tool....and I do not remember its name. Obviously, I keep extensive blogrolls, but I must hunt out content by hand. I think that Small Rivers might bring something of interest to my blog. :-)

I tried this with "blood oranges" as the topic...I guess we will see if anyone else ever blogs about this. I have odd fascinations. :-)

So I think I will be able to use this to:
-----Discuss music with other bloggers
-----Find new books to read (or see what others think of what I read)
-----Learn what others think of key news topics....especially upcoming legislation. There are some weird laws in this country....and some that could do a lot of good.
-----See what recipes Bloggers are talking about. I love finding new recipes.

It's called a "portable content network" it's basically like doing a search on items you are interested in all the time (while you blog). Convenient.

Small Rivers is in alpha. I hope this works out well for me....and will keep readers updated. :-)

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