Monday, October 26, 2009

Q & A

What Star Trek Species would you be and why?
I never identified with any of the characters on Star Trek. I did enjoy watching TNG.Data's human side was intriguing to I guess I take that back about not identifying with any of the characters. I think I still retain some of the innocence and wonder that Data has.

Pepsi or Coca Cola?
Pepsi. Coca Cola has become too sweet for me. I only drink Pepsi when I want to taste something strong. Pepsi gives me gas (especially with Chinese food). I always find myself working on the pace of drinking Pepsi when I have Chinese food...otherwise I have enough gas that it hurts or I can't finish my meal. Diet Cherry Pepsi is nasty-tasting stuff.

Komissar Rex or Kántor?
I did not know who either was...though I had heard Komissar Rex mentioned. I will try to find some episodes of Komissar Rex. I still do not know what Kántor is...I would assume it is another series.

American Idol or America's Got Talent?
I don't really watch either. I sometimes do not like the themes on American Idol. America's Got Talent does have more appeal to me.

Star Trek or Stargate?
Star Trek TNG. I found some of the Stargate episodes bordering on repetitive.

Dark or milk chocolate?
Dark chocolate...though I get criticized by a lot of the people I know who are not into trying "different" things for this. I am excited because I have some good chocolate chips from Trader Joe's in the cupboard....supposed to be much better than Nestle. I do not like American chocolate as much as European....I detest the oiliness and aftertaste of some American chocolate.
-----I want to try Dagoba again. I bought Dagoba in 2006...a few months after Hershey bought the company. I suspect that my bars were from before Hershey's purchase. I hope that the taste has not changed...that it has not become oily,etc. What I liked about this originally was that it was similar to Hershey's...but tasted like there were better ingredients used. Wouldn't it be ironic if what I enjoyed was a Hershey product?...after I have done all my picky complaining.

Windows XP or Windows Vista?
Currently using Vista but I have no preference.

Cats or dogs?
Dogs because I am allergic to some cats. Cats like me a LOT. We have a Doggie. Our Doggie does lots of tricks....including saying "I Love You," playing dead and coming when we call "Tribble."

Which, now dead, famous person would you like to have dinner with?
None...a lot of famous people have so much drama/attitude that I would not want to speak with them.

What was your most influential book as a teenager?
The Bible. I was both addicted to it and scared of some of the things that it said.

I found this on Hevel's blog. :-)


Hevel said...

I always found it funny how LDS fols don't watch movies that are rated R, but if the Bible or The Book of Mormon would be made into a movie like they are written, both would be rated R, at least.

I do find the Bible interesting and thought provoking and scary, too.

Is your dog named Tribble? As in Trials and Tribbleations?


I thought I would be honest about the question....the Bible is scary (whether you believe or not). When I was younger, some of my teachers/influences instilled fear in me about certain things in the Bible...and I think that has always remained with me.

:-) No, my dog answers to "Tribble" the little fuzz balls in the original Star Trek. You yell it, Doggie comes running and gets a treat. It is a fun trick and a fun way of getting in extra exercise for Doggie.

Mrs. Gamgee said...

I think that cats have radar for people who have allergies to them. We have a cat next door who is always wanting to get into our house.



I wasn't always allergic to cats...a more recent development. Sometimes it is just the lack of care that some cat owners take...not cleaning carpets,etc. The pressure just builds up in my nose and face. Before it clears up I experience this itching in my throat and feel like I can't breath. I stay as long as I can without being rude when this is a problem....and I love taking photos of peoples' cats. Cats avoid our house after a few minutes...Doggie either wants to chase them or be their friend (both are intimidating to the cats).

Krystal said...

My husband is allergic to our cats, but he loves them so much he just takes Allegra every day! lol

Thanks for this glimpse into your life!

Happy ICLW!


Glad to have you visit...and that the medicine makes your Husband's allergies manageable.

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